Megasat Diavolo Unicable SCR 01dB Vis større

Megasat Diavolo Unicable SCR 01dB

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Megasat Diavolo Unicable SCR en kabel system. Denne LNB-en kan brukes med opptil 5 brukere samtidig og alle tunere er koblet gjenom en kabel

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In addition, the LNB has an output for a non-Unicable receiver and expands your satellite system for up to 5 participants. The system components are perfectly matched and Megasat guarantees for best quality, long life and durability.

The change from CABEL to SAT - without to pull cables.


For the distribution of the satellite signal with only one cord, Unicablesystem is needed. Until now for each receiver it had to be put a independent line to receive TV - and Radioprograms.

With the new Unicable LNB only a single satellite grade is required to conect up to 4 receivers. So, the existing line of cable television continues to be used



users SCR :4

users Legacy :1

sat-levels: Multiswitch integrated 

noise figure: 0.1 dB 

frequency range: 10.7 - 12.75 GHz 

oscillator frequency: 9.75 - 10.6 MHz 

signal amplification: 60dB 

properties: extreme heat and cold resistant 

additional function: Rubber bushing for F-connector (weather protection) 

feed diameter: 40mm