Megasat Multifeed Quattro, 0,1dB, 23mm Vis større

Megasat Multifeed Quattro, 0,1dB, 23mm

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Megasat Multifeed Quattro, 0,1dB, 23mm skal brukes med en av multiswitechene vi selger. Denne type LNB er kun for bruk med Multiswitch.

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The Megasat Multifeed LNB series is characterized by an extreme weather resistance.

Slim and compact design for multi-feed systems

The Megasat multifeed LNB series is specialy designed for multi-feed systems. The slim and compact design allows the LNBs closely aligned to each other. Therefore, it receives satellites with 3 ° spacing . An reliable professional-quality LNB for your viewing pleasure.


users: 1 for multiswitches HH/HL /VH/VL 

noise figure: 0.1 dB 

frequency range: 10.7 - 12.75 GHz 

oscillator frequency: 9.75 - 10.6 MHz 

signal amplification: 60dB 

properties: extreme heat and cold resistant 

additional function: Rubber bushing for F-connector (weather protection) 

feed diameter: 23mm (incl. adapter ring 40mm)