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Argolis Triple-Reader Smargo Smartreader USB

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Argolis Triple Smart Reader, dette er en ny type smart kort leser, ikke 1 , ikke 2 men heller 3 stk kort leser pakket inn i et produkt. Fungerer fint med alle Dreambox , Vu+ ,Xtrend, Miraclebox, Mut@nt, Wetek, og ellers med alle andre linux bokser som støtter Smargo. I tillegg fungerer den med Windows og Linux PC

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695,00 kr inkl. MVA

Mer informasjon

The Argolis Triple Reader is an USB cardreader/programmer based on a powerful ARM  processor. The Argolis Triple Reader incorporates an integrated USB to Serial converter, which enables the SmartReader plus to work with all standard Phoenix compatible Linux and Windows applications.

The SmartReaders supports besides Linux/Windows computers and DVB Settop Boxes various Linux and Windows applications for PCI-DVB or USB-DVB.


  • Powerfull ARM Processor
  • High-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex?-M3 RISC processor
  • Sustains high-speed data transfers
  • Data speedway
  • Supports almost all frequencies for smartcards (T=0 and T=1)
  • No switches on programmer to select the desired mode, automatic frequency controll
  • 5V smartcard support
  • Frequency/Baudrate autocalculation and Frequency Generator
  • Plug-and-play high-speed serial interconnectivity
  • Maximum speed of 96MHz and features 128KB of flash and 32KB of SRAM
  • Can be cascaded with more SmartReaders (>100) in 1 system using an USB Hub
  • Hi-Speed USB1.1/ USB2.0 on chip
  • Com Port via USB
  • No power supply required
  • True ISO7816
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Windows driver available