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OCTAGON SF8 HD Basert på MIPS Enigma2 er bedre en Vu+ og Dreambox. Skal man velge Vu+ eller Dreambox , da kan vi som selgere anbefale heller en Octagon SF8 HD i stedet siden dette kjører på Enigma2 som likt Dreambox eller VU+ og er mye bedre produkt. Her får du som kunde mye varer for pengene

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OCTAGON presents its first BCM (MIPS) box with E2 as the operating system. 
Processor is an BCM7358 operates at 500 MHz and provides switching times of less than one second. With this box now attracts OCTAGON in the open source community with the popular and well-known E2  or better known as Enigma2. 

Besides the drive image Cummunity images are also available from other well-known teams available.

Bakannte and popular plugins from CrossEPG and EPG Refresh on media player such as "Rnhanced Movie Center" and many other plugins. Settings of many teams and for every taste, tools and more, has to offer the community, all that will be available soon also Octagon customer.

Main Feature: 
500 MHz powerful processor (Broadcom BCM7358 MIPS) 
512 MB ​​of DDR3 memory 
128 MB NAND Flash memory 
1 watt stand-by power consumption 
2 x card reader and CI slot 
USB 2.0 & LAN connector 
4-digit alphanumeric display 
Operating System Linux OS E2

Features at a glance:

* 500 MHz MIPS CPU 3300 BCM7358 class 
* 512 MB ​​of DDR3 memory 
* 128 MB NAND Flash memory 
* Full HDTV PVR Receiver (DVB-S/S2) 
* H.264 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVB-S2 Tuner 
E2 OS * Linux operating system 
* 2 x card reader and CI slot 
* 4-digit alphanumeric display 
* HDMI? Output of picture and sound (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) 
* Optical (SPDIF) output Dolby 
* USB 2.0 port 
* HDMI & Scart connection 
* Ethernet port (LAN 10/100Mbps) 
* Wi-Fi & 3G modem Support via USB port 
* UFScontrol Plugin for Iphone & Android smartphones 
* Programmable Universal Remote Control 
* Program change less than 1 second 
* MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer Support 
* Recording & Time Shifting (* optional) 
* EPG - Electronic Program Guide 
* FTP support 
* Favorites - groups for TV and radio 
* OSD in different languages 
​​* unlimited channel list for TV & Radio 
* Parental Control 
* Skin support (different menu interfaces) 
* Teletext and subtitles support 
* Multi-LNB support DiSEqC control version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS 
* 1 Watt Deep stand-by consumption 
* Automatic and manual channel search 
* UNICABLE & Fast Scan support 
* Power switch & external SMPS Power Supply