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Matrix Cam Air WiFi Linux

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Air MatrixCAM med Linux operativ system. Kan brukes med OScam plus mer.

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Allows access from our receiver without additional cables through a WiFi connection to Internet functions. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook (coming soon), RSS news feeds, weather forecasts, and other functions to be added. Will be upgradeable for future applications through FTP or a MicroSD card inserted into the slot provided for service operations.

Air MatrixCAM with Linux operating system and WiFi is compatible with all receivers (TDT, SAT, Combo, etc) of any brand in the market, which have a PCMCIA slot (CI Common Interface).

Through the integrated WiFi (wireless LAN) functionality requires no additional cable for access to the Internet. The software of the module can be updated easily via an FTP connection. Already in development is the optional upgrade functionality via theMicroSD slot.

Already integrated services and features:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Twitter
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather Forecast
  • E-mail retrieval (currently only GMail)
  • EPG online
  • Dictionary
  • World Cloc